January 22, 2010

Setting Yourself Apart

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Having a quality product, quick shipping, an attractive website, and an effective marketing strategy are some of the ingredients to a successful online business. Having these will get you attention and sales, but will it create the trust that converts to customer loyalty?

Customer Service is where trust is built and loyalty created. How promptly do you answer customer questions? How quickly do you respond to refund requests? Do you actively try to...

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January 20, 2010

2009 Employee Charitable Contributions

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Every year 2CO makes a charitable donation to an organization on behalf of each employee. This allows us to individually support causes and organizations that we feel are important.

The list of organizations we supported last year is long one. Some of the more popular organizations chosen by our employees are:

  • DebRA of America
  • VH1 Save the Music Foundation
  • Mid-Ohio Food Bank
  • Doctors Without...

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January 15, 2010

Back Office Admin API

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If you remember my last post in 2009, you may recall a little tease at the end saying that we had some big plans for this year. Well, I’m happy to post that our first announcement this year is the release of our back office API to help you manage your sales. Ever wanted to mark an item as “shipped”, refund an order, or cancel a recurring billing without logging into the Vendor Area? Now you have the tools to do so.

I want to thank all the...

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January 8, 2010

Clearing the Mystery of PCI Compliance – Final Thoughts

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In previous weeks we have been looking at how to become PCI compliant. I will confess, that starting on this article series I knew next to nothing about PCI DSS. Research for this series was, for me, very educational. The first thing I realized was how involved and complicated compliance can be. The next, and more important realization is that compliance is a process, and never actually ends. From SearchSecurity.com:

“Compliance is not something...

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January 5, 2010

Blogging in 2010

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Like I said in my previous message, many of our projects have been the direct result of your feedback and requests. This is also true for the content of this blog. As we begin 2010, I would like to officially give you an opportunity to directly influence the content we provide. What do you find most useful? What past articles have you liked the most and why?

There are big plans for the site this year. Providing you with compelling, useful, and...

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