February 17, 2014

2Checkout Podcast #3: Turnaround Strategy with Shirley Tan

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Shirley Ta author of Ecom Hell will be joining us today at 2Checkout Podcast
Shirley Ta author of Ecom Hell will be joining us today at 2Checkout Podcast

In the latest 2Checkout Guest Lecture Podcast, Shirley Ta author of Ecom Hell: How to Make Money in Ecommerce Without Getting Burned, gives essential advice for emergent online businesses on how...

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February 5, 2014

API Best Practices Part I: AJAX

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In this new blog series, 2Checkout explores the developments and features of its brand new Payment API, currently in BETA. To see the new 2Checkout Payment API BETA and use it as your new checkout, apply here.

Using AJAX with the Payment API

Over the years I’ve worked with many open source shopping cart applications and most utilize AJAX throughout the entire checkout process to eliminate page refreshing and streamline the customer’s...

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January 28, 2014

2 Ways to Improve Customer Service Response Time

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I was shopping online for the PERFECT dress that just so happened to be offered on two competing sites. However, I was concerned that the dresses wouldn’t arrive on time for a particular engagement. I needed assurance. One site had a “chat now” button. I clicked it and quickly had my question answered instantaneously by a prompt customer representative. I bought the dress five...

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January 16, 2014

Access 2Checkout’s New White Paper, “The Payments System Simplified”

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How Credit Card Processing Works. The Payment System Simplified

The latest White Paper in 2Checkout’s E-Commerce Academy continues industry expert Tom Kossler’s in-depth analysis of digital payments and their journey from a customer’s pocket to a merchant’s bank account. Whereas The Evolution of the Payment System took an introspective look at the...

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January 16, 2014

Bitcoin 101: The Invisible, Uninsurable Currency of the Internet Is Still Kicking

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Despite the mass amount of criticism, condescension and sheer confusion that the crypton currency known as Bitcoin has withdrawn since its release in 2009, it has persisted swiftly both in headlines and the accounts of those who have bravely hedged on it. Some analysts call exchange-gold for nerds and in fact, it is very much like gold. And most importantly (and only...

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