July 28, 2014

Automatically Update Credit Card Details with Account Updater

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At 2Checkout, we’re devoted to providing you with the best payment tools so you can focus on growing your business. Today, we’re launching Account Updater to help you minimize avoidable lost recurring sales when your customers’ credit card information changes. Account Updater automatically refreshes all credit card data to reflect recent changes, including new account numbers, new expiration dates, and closed accounts. This service reduces disruptions to your Recurring Billing, and it’s zero hassle for you and your customers.

Every month, some of your customers’ billing information becomes outdated. With recent security breaches and increases in identify fraud, consumers are more frequently issued new credit cards, exacerbating the issue. With Account Updater, your customers’ information is maintained and kept up-to-date, so you’ll be able to continue billing as usual when credit cards expire or your customers’ card number changes, providing a seamless purchase experience. And you’ll see fewer declines and more successful transactions.

How does it work?

Account Updater maintains updated information for Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards. 2Checkout automatically refreshes the information of any cards that are newly-issued, closed, or expired every time they’re used in a sales transaction. This process provides the best recurring customer service possible, avoiding manual updates and unnecessary hassle. Account Updater is included at no additional cost with your 2Checkout account.

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