April 1, 2014

2Checkout Announces ‘Inline Checkout’

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At 2Checkout, we’re devoted to empowering merchants with a universal solution to accept online payments on a global scale, without sacrificing the unique user experience built into an online business. With our Inline Checkout, we redefine seamless with a platform that integrates directly into any e-commerce website, creating an uninterrupted checkout that maintains the look, feel, bells, and whistles of the host’s design. Whoever said that you can’t have your cake and eat it too obviously never worked with 2Checkout, and possibly never visited a bakery, either.

Besides allowing merchants to customize the background, colors, and logos of the checkout page, this solution adapts the checkout page responsively to any device the shopper uses, including smartphones and tablets for universal accessibility. And PCI compliance? Completely handled by 2Checkout without any responsibility or effort for the merchant. This payment solution can be implemented in minutes, offering easy integration with such leading shopping carts as Magento, PrestaShop, and Open Cart. Sound good? Sign up for a free account today to try it out.