April 24, 2014

2Checkout Attracts $60 Million in Growth Capital

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2Checkout receives $60 Million worth of funding.
2Checkout receives $60 Million worth of funding

2Checkout began as a startup in founder Alan Homewood’s basement before expanding into a premier international payment service provider, with offices located in the United States, Ireland, and Hong Kong. Throughout the company’s trajectory, we’ve focused on partnering with the right companies and thought leaders to make a singular checkout platform that empowers online merchants with access to a global market within a few key swipes. Two of those collaborators, Chicago Growth Partners and Trident Capital, recently invested $60 million into 2Checkout to further sustain the premier technology and services essential for e-commerce businesses to maximize sales internationally.

“The global eCommerce market is massive and continues to increase at a double digit rate of annual growth. Online payments is a critical component of eCommerce and the providers in the space are consolidating into a few global platforms. 2Checkout will emerge as one of the global leaders in payments,” said Devin Mathews, Managing Partner at Chicago Growth Partners. “Now is the perfect time to help scale 2Checkout to the next level.”

“2Checkout already has a global customer footprint and a solid brand reputation among merchant banks, payment networks, online retailers and partners like Brink’s, which is a multi-billion dollar company,” added Don Dixon, managing director at Trident Capital. “No other payments processor can make those claims.”

2Checkout currently provides payments in 196 counties through 26 currencies, 15 languages, and eight payment methods, protected by state-of-the-art fraud protection and PCI compliance.