November 28, 2012

2Checkout Launches Dynamic Checkout

Posted by Tyler Ransburgh

2Checkout is excited to bring you our most advanced checkout product yet. Today we are launching a new checkout solution called Dynamic Checkout, a single page checkout providing the optimal buying experience by automatically responding to your customers device, whether it be a computer, tablet or mobile phone. The new solution will help increase sales and reduce cart abandonment.

Simple, Single Page Layout– All orders will be processed through our new single page checkout. The new accordion style checkout has a fresh design and features simplifying the purchase process.

Full mobile experience– Dynamic Checkout detects the screen size your customer is using and provides the most optimal purchase experience. With the significant increase in tablet and mobile usage, a checkout experience that fits all devices reduces checkout abandonment.

Customize it for your brand– The new checkout page will be customizable to reflect your brand and website. You can change the background, colors, and add your logo by using the Checkout Editor. Custom checkout provides a consistent brand experience leading to better conversion rates for your business.

Localized address forms– Dynamic Checkout will update the shipping and billing address forms to display the standard address format of your customers country. Providing unique internationalized forms will help customers feel more comfortable with the checkout process and increase sales.

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