May 28, 2014

2Checkout Launches Quarterly Fraud Index Report To Monitor Global Online Payment Scams

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The 2Checkout Fraud Index

Fraud and online security are two of the biggest concerns we hear about from our merchants on a consistent basis. What countries have the most fraudsters? What products are safer to trade in? What currencies are at risk for fraudulent activity? With these questions in mind, we decided to dive deep into our resources and report back on data from a sample of almost one million online transactions collected between January and March.

The 2Checkout Fraud Index captures any fraud instances and normalizes them into a standard index so that cross-category comparisons can be made. For example: is there more risk involved while trading in the Russian Ruble or running a cable business? Or how about selling to a buyer with a Norwegian buyer address vs. a buyer using an American Express card? We have answers to all of these questions and more.

For online merchants, this report offers precise and quantitative takeaways into the riskiest corners of e-commerce. The data from this report refers to instances in which a fraudulent party attempted to commit fraud, but was prevented from doing so by 2Checkout’s state-of-the art fraud technology.

To download the 2Checkout Fraud Index, click here.