October 3, 2012

2Checkout Mobile Launches on Android

Posted by Tyler Ransburgh

2Checkout is now available at Android, download the app at Google Play Store now!

2Checkout Mobile, the mobile application that helps sellers access and manage their account anywhere and anytime, has launched for Android.

The iPhone version of 2Checkout Mobile was released last month and received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from 2Checkout customers. Instantly the demand was high for an Android version of the application. In response, 2Checkout and Inexika began development on the Android version of 2Checkout Mobile.

Getting started with 2Checkout Mobile is simple:

1. Download 2Checkout Mobile in the Google Play Store

2. Create an API Login in your 2Checkout Account

2Checkout Mobile gives sellers the ability to monitor sales, track their payments and help customers with the ability to send a refund, manage a recurring item, and contact their customer regarding a sale.

2Checkout Mobile is free and currently available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Learn more about the app features on the 2Checkout Mobile page. View the 2Checkout Mobile Android User Guide for an in-depth write-up on how to use the application.