November 3, 2014

2Checkout Offers Instant Underwriting for New U.S. Merchants

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2Checkout has quicker underwriting process for new U.S. merchants
2Checkout has quicker underwriting process for new U.S. merchants

We empathize with anyone who’s in a hurry. Especially online retailers who sell to a global audience. There’s just way too much to do: create a marketing campaig role out your new product line, enhance your shipping options, switch from instant coffee to french press, and discover dozens of new AdWords you should have been buying yesterday. We know: it’s a lot. Whenever the earth decided to rotate around the su it made an incredibly selfish decision to do so in 24 hours, because that simply doesn’t allow enough hours in a day.

With this in mind, we’re happy that we can allow merchants in the United States to start selling in mere seconds after they apply for a 2Checkout account, as opposed to the weeks it can take at other payment processors. Our Instant Underwriting system gets to the point: you apply, we like what we see, you start selling and accepting payments in 211 markets through eight payment methods, 87 currencies, and 15 languages. 2Checkout also provides PCI Level 1 compliance and state-of-the-art fraud protection to make sure that not only is your information safe and sound, but your buyers can purchase from your site with confidence and security.

So if you’re in a rush, we sympathize. Apply for a 2Checkout account today, and if your company is ready to go, we’re ready to be your payment partner.