August 24, 2014

2Checkout Partners with WooThemes

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2Checkout is now partnering with WooThemes.

2Checkout is excited to announce a new partnership with WooThemes, the most popular e-commerce plugin for Wordpress. With this new integration we can now give WooCommerce merchants in nearly 200 countries the capability to accept payments online in 87 currencies. This access helps e-commerce businesses tackle new global markets and convert more customers through our Inline Checkout. With four million downloads under its belt, the WooThemes platform has given nearly 400,000 online businesses the ability to use WordPress, the most popular content management system as an easy a way to sell online. The 55 custom themes provide 18% of all e-commerce websites with gorgeous, easy-to-implement interfaces that provide flexibility for designers and developers. These themes are used by businesses in such industries as fashion, food, jewelry, charity and technology just to name a few.

Both WooThemes and 2Checkout serve online businesses in hundreds of countries all over the world. WooThemes merchants have enjoyed the the most powerful interfaces on the internet and can now use these tools with 2Checkout to accept new local currencies and eight different payment methods. This combination of design and payments technology generates higher conversion rates than other standalone payment options.

To help celebrate this partnership, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to any new WooThemes users who sign up for 2Checkout by offering a credit for the WooThemes Plugin. Here’s how it works: if you’re a WooThemes merchant, sign up and activate with 2Checkout before November 30th, and we’ll credit $79 toward processing fees on your December statement. If you’re interested or have any questions, please check out the details here.

We’d also love to say hi in person which is why we’ll also be attending The WooCommerce Conference between November 3-4 in San Francisco. The conference will present valuable information on the art of e-commerce from such gurus as Chris Lema, Nathan Barry, and Thijs de Valk. The 2-day symposium will help online businesses and WordPress developers discover the most innovative strategies to boost conversions, with talks on audience building, consumer psychology, and WooCommerce development.