June 5, 2014

2Checkout Redesigns Banking Wizard

Posted by Sean Edgar Category Icon2Checkout

We’re excited to announce some new updates to our Banking Wizard, the system 2Checkout merchants use to set up their payment profile and dictate and how they are paid from their buyers. The product team completely modified the interface with new fields so that all merchants now have the necessary inputs and tools to enter the specific data to receive money however they wish.

If you are currently a 2Checkout merchant, these updates do not require you to take any further action — you will continue to automatically receive payments in the same previous manner if you choose to leave your profile as is. Please note that if you edit an existing payment profile, some previously-entered data may not appear in the edit form; be sure to have your banking information handy to enter it again. If you would like to change or review your existing banking profile, please visit the Banking Wizard in your Vendor Administration Area.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at product@2co.com.