June 24, 2010

2Checkout Supplier Featured in 37Signals Article

Posted by 2Checkout

37Signals is running an article series called “Bootstrapped, Profitable, and Proud” featuring businesses that are profitable and did not take any venture capital. Recently they had an interesting article featuring WooThemes, a fellow 2Checkout Supplier.

The article contains some fun company history, the business philosophy behind WooThemes, and a video of their office – Really nice space you have guys!

My favorite part is the advice they give for people thinking about starting a business:

“Pienaar’s advice to others who want to start a business:

  • Start your business anywhere in the world; especially if you’re online. You definitely don’t need to be Silicon Valley based.
  • Stick to creating a business that you love, because once you lose that passion, you’ll lose your drive to improve your business.
  • Only take on funding as your absolute last resort; most of the time, it’s really difficult judging whether you are making the right decision to take on funding so early on. Stick it out (without funding) for as long as you can, as that’ll give you a more accurate basis to make a decision.”

Congratulations guys!