December 24, 2013

5 Mistakes of a Twitter Novice

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Twitter officially went public yesterday and has been doing very, very well for itself. Now with over 200 millions users, the social media platform is a marketing necessity more than ever. In fact, some consider Twitter a B2B and e-commerce haven where information spreads and partnerships begin, all in under 140 characters. So whether it’s sharing hand-knit hats with football friends or marketing the latest crowd-funding effort to millions of book lovers, 2Checkout reveals the top 5 Mistakes Twitter users make along with tips and tricks to increase followers, engage consumers, and grow business.

The Retweeter

It’s so easy to hit that double arrow, which will blast out that great tweet with a glowing mention of @yourbusiness. Don’t do it. Retweeting may be effortless, but it’s on par with liking your own Facebook status. Be an original and reply to said tweet with a heartfelt TY (Thank You) for the RT (Retweet), and perhaps quote a portion of the original tweet in the reply. Sure, it requires more brainpower than a 1-click Retweet, but well-thought-out reply tweets earn more followers.

Hashtag Overkill

While tweets are the space to play with creativity, hashtags are meant to be succinct. One or two hashtags per tweet that’s it. As tempting as it may be to run strings of hashtags together (#hashtags #booklovers #books #crowdsourcing #crowdfunding #twitter #ilovehashtags), less hashtagging will reduce the chance of churning out a tweet that looks spammy. Choose one or two words or phrases that complement the information you’re sharing. Then plop those hashtags mid-tweet or tack them on the end, just before the link.

Too-Long Tweets

A study conducted by Buddy Media shows that tweets under 100 characters get a much higher engagement rate. @BarackObama: “Four More Years”, is only three words; 25 of the allotted characters and it remains the most retweeted tweet to date. 2Checkout has two tips to keep tweets short and sweet.One: Do not exceed 120 characters, which leaves plenty of room for a hashtag (or two) and makes it easier for followers to quote.Two: Shorten URLs by using sites like or, which will leave more room for words and wit to appear on the Twitter timeline.

@handle versus .@handle

@magazine just tweeted about @yourbusiness to thousands of its followers that’s so rad! In this case, the majority of Twitter users will write back a speedy, enthusiastic reply that looks something like this: @magazine, thanks a million for sharing @yourbusiness. We are as excited as you are! #crowdfunding #books. Alas, the only people who will see this awesome connection are those who follow both @magazine and @yourbusiness. It’s an easy fix. Simply place a period (or any character or word) before the “@” symbol, and that tiny tweet is guaranteed to reach the whole twittersphere.

Neglecting @connects

Twitter is the social media platform that encourages users to reach out to people without having a prior or personal connection. Oftentimes @connects is where business partnerships are born. Twitter has also grown into a customer service venue, where consumers tweet questions and suggestions. Don’t neglect the @connects section. At least once a day, check out @connects and take time to tweet back, reply, thank, or answer the tweets. Chances are @connects tweeters will turn into @followers.