April 18, 2014

5 Steps to Prepare Your Website for the Brazilian Market

Posted by Frannie Jackson Category IconInternational

Between hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, Brazil has transformed into an international epicenter of sports with all of the commerce and publicity that comes with it. These events have only helped boost the country’s staggering market potential; it’s e-commerce alone is predicted to become the world’s fourth largest online sales market within the next two years.

Brazil boasts 90 million Internet users and accounts for 60% of all B2C e-commerce in Latin America. In other words, the country is a powerhouse in the entire Western Hemisphere, second only to the United States. For any online business looking to enter this thriving market, we’ve listed five steps to prepare your website for success.

1. Invest in a .br URL

If you want your site to rank in local online searches, then a Brazilian URL (.br) will ensure it appears among national Brazilian websites (rather than pages later among international sites). Want even better search results? Choose a Brazilian hosting provider for your website. They will supply you with a local IP address, further increasing your site’s appeal to online search algorithms.

2. Translate Your Content Into Brazilian Portuguese

If you want to reach the widest possible audience in Brazil, then translating your website into Brazilian Portuguese is a must. Spoken by more than 99% of the population, the language differs slightly from European Portuguese (similar to the differences between American and British English). When it comes to the written language, however, Brazilian Portuguese follows the country’s national rules of spelling and accentuation. Many fluent, foreign speakers of the language struggle with correctly writing it, so hiring a native speaker to translate your content will result in the most compelling, accurate content.

3. Convert Prices and Measurements

Brazilians love to comparison shop online, so listing your prices in Brazilian real (R$) is crucial to ensuring your merchandise is competitively priced. Customers are the most comfortable making purchases when they are familiar with the currency, so converting your prices also reduces your website’s number of abandoned carts. Less obvious, but no less important, is using the metric system when listing item measurements. If a visitor browsing for clothing discovers your sizes are based on inches rather than centimeters, this disjunct creates unnecessary confusion and becomes a hurdle between them and the checkout.

4. Offer a “Payment in Installments” Option

Brazilian consumers choose to pay in installments for 75% of all online card transactions in the country. Offering this payment method not only caters to your customers’ preferences, but it can also boost your sales by 50%! Customers favor this method of payment regardless of their cart total, so you don’t need big-ticket items for payment in installments to be a viable option.

5. Provide Live Chat Customer Service

With 62% of Brazilian online buyers between the ages of 15 and 34, the country possesses a young demographic favoring instant results. These individuals want real-time answers to their questions, so give them the opportunity to live chat with customer service representatives. By providing shoppers with 24-hour service, small businesses in particular stand to increase their browser to buyer conversion rate by 47%!