December 11, 2013

5 Tips to Tweet and Tweet Well

Posted by Janna Leyde Category IconSocial Media

The Twitter IPO (NYSE: TWTR) is yesterday’s news. The social media website powers forward with 58 million tweets a day and 135,000 new handles. Twitter has become an online platform where businesses (even B2B) can connect, build, and share with potential customers. In fact, Mashable says that 46 percent of online customers depend on social media when making a purchase and predicts a 93 percent growth in online sales from social networks over the next four years. It all comes down to knowing how to engage in the twittersphere. We’re here with five tips on how to tweet and tweet well.

1. Action Verbs

Strong verbs win. Tweets that contain verbs — over adverbs, nouns, and adjectives — generate the most shares. Dan Zarella, a social media language expert, says that tweets containing verbs have 2 percent higher shareability. Tweets should always include an optimized call-to-action. Those without are simply branding a business, whereas asking @followers to act strengthens relationships and increases leads and sales. Comment. Share. ReTweet. Link. Visit. Register. Grab. These verbs are asking @followers to do something.

2. Know the Hashtags

Create a unique hashtag like Gabrielle Bernstein’s (@gabbybernstein) #SpiritJunkie, which @followers around the world associate with her books, workshops, and business. Research what the competition is using. Running an animal shelter? Try #MeowMonday or #FosterPet. Pay attention to what’s trending at different times of the year: #Christmas #BlackFriday or #TurkeyDay. Want to know what hashtags are always trending, like #ff and #tbt? Here is a useful infographic by Masters in Finance.

3. Monitor Customers

@Followers feel comfortable reaching out to businesses and companies to air complaints and ask questions. This is a critical connection for any business owner and allows immediate dialogue with those customers, which can either win customer trust or enhance experience. Twitter List monitors tweets on a regular basis to make sure that these tweets don’t fall through the cracks. Filter the list by specific products, services, or the words “support” or “help.” Or use HubSpot Social Inbox to further understand the wants, needs, and actions of @followers.

4. Watch TV

The Twitter audience for one TV episode is generally 50 times larger than the number of authors publishing tweets. So, if 2,000 @followers are tweeting about a program, there are at least 100,000 reading those tweets. Not only is it a savvy idea to tweet in the off-hours (weekends and weeknights), but live-tweeting during #TwitterTV times is another way to attract new customers and share products and services. #SonsOfAnarachy is live on FX, and just this past week the New York Jets Defense Line endorsed their nickname — Sons of Anarchy. Imagine the possibilities for Barstool Sports and its New York Jets #SOA t-shirt.

5. Link Up Right

It’s easy to tack on the link to a landing page, twit pic, or video at the end of a tweet, but chances are if @followers don’t immediately see the link, they are less apt to click through. Place links in the first 25 percent of a tweet. In other words, place the link anywhere from 25 to 50 characters in, depending on the length of the tweet. 2Checkout recommends composing tweet under 120 characters, which leave space for a @retweet.