December 13, 2013

7 Ways to Acquire Customers via Twitter

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The entire world is following @justinbeiber, or so it seems. The feisty pop icon touts 44 million @followers and counting. From a marketing perspective, that’s something to aspire to: even for merchants, especially since the average Twitter user follows five or more businesses, as reported by Twitter in 2013. Increasing @followers is one of the surest ways to encourage customer engagement and turn leads into sales. 2Checkout is here with 7 ways to amp up the tweets, retweets and hashtags, and to acquire more customers via Twitter.

1. Take Twitter’s Advice

Off to the left side of the Twitter newsfeed on your homepage is a small section called: Who to Follow. Without going too far into the analytics of how Twitter works, suffice it to say that Twitter knows how these folks connect to you and your audience. These accounts turn up here as a result of who current @followers follow and the companies and individuals that are using similar hashtags and posting the same links. Following Who to Follow also puts @yourbusiness on their Who to Follow lists. Win-win for all.

2. Tweet Twice

This one surprises most people. Double (and surely triple) Facebook posts and LinkedIn updates tend to lose followers. Not true for Twitter. Twitter is like ‘drive-by’ social media — no one stays too long. So if that #SonyPS4 sale tweet was tweeted at 10 A.M., then very few people are going to see it after lunch. Do a little experimenting by choosing one link to tweet twice, maybe three times a day.

3. Peak Tweet

Twitter has conducted studies that show 17 percent higher brand engagement on weekends. Dan Zarella, social media scientist, has data that shows Friday-Sunday tweets have higher CTRs (click-through rates). No one wants to tweet in the off-hours, so use sites like Buffer and Hootsuite to set up auto-tweets for @yourbusiness.

According to sysomos, the time frame that yield the highest Tweet activity during the day is 12:00pm to 1:00pm.
4. Share Special Offers

A study on Media Bistro shows that 80 percent of people follow a brand to get exclusive content. Let @followers know they’re tapping intro something singular by sharing a promotion or special offer only on Twitter. Choose a date and time (no more than a few hours) to share an offer. Like so from this flower shop: The first 15 people who come in and say #HappyPoinsettia will get a free Poinsettia with any purchase! Hurry! #HappyHolidays. Trust us: it really is that simple.

5. Live Tweet

Most events and or conferences come with their own #EventHashtag allowing @followers and attendees to live tweet. Anything from quotes to statistics shared by the presenters makes for an engaging twitter feed, and chances are attendees will reply and retweet, and even become new @followers. Tip: In the days and weeks leading up the event, begin participating in the #EventHashtag. Early twitter traffic will earn creditably on who to follow the day of.

6. Get Seasonal & Topical

Show @followers that you’re more than just business. Twitter is about values, community, and lifestyle. It doesn’t matter who — a Fashion PR company or a childrens’ book store — any business will benefit by sharing thoughts, photos and links that celebrate the what is happening now. Want to interact even more? Ask @followers what they are doing to celebrate the season, the weather or the news. Be in the now, and reflect how your brand transcends your messaging guidelines to have a living, reactive soul.

Twitter's celebrating Christmas with its @followers.
7. Tweet More

Obvious yet effective advice. According to an ‘Exhaustive Study of Twitter,’ Beevolve finds there is a direct correlation between number of tweets and number of followers. The more you tweet, the more people will follow you. And for the business world, the more @followers, the more engaged customers and more brand advocates.