May 28, 2014

7 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Awesome

Posted by Janeesa Hollingshead Category IconMarketing

Maya Angelou was one of the most influential voices of our time.

Today’s news arrived with somber tidings: Wake Forest University officially announced the passing of internationally-renowned author and activist Maya Angelou. Her influence has transcended both time and borders; Maya was an ambassador with UNICEF as well as the recipient of numerous literary and public works awards throughout her life. Her presence in the Civil Rights movement can’t be emphasized enough, with her worldview immortalized in her introductory autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. In honor of her remarkable works as an artist, poet, and activist, today’s blog will center on one of 2Checkout’s favorite Maya Angelou quotes:

“People won’t remember what you say. They won’t remember what you do. They will remember how you make them feel.”

Maya Angelou’s wise words apply to nearly every facet of life, including (and especially) global e-commerce business and customer service. When businesses focus on creating exceptional customer experiences that don’t always emphasize savings, they create strong, lifelong relationships with their audience. Read on for seven ways for your customers to remember you in all of the right ways.

1. Make Things Right at Any Cost

As a business, you will inevitably mess up from time to time. It happens. Perhaps you shipped an item to the wrong address, lost an order altogether, or simply weren’t able to address an email in a timely manner — whatever the issue, right your wrong. Don’t just own up to your mistake, but instead ask the customer what would rectify the situation in his or her mind. By taking your customer’s perspective into consideration, you’ll show empathy and personality instead of just a cold business front.

2. Be Personal

Did your customer mention something offhand the last time you interacted via the comment section, social media, a contact forum, phone call, or email? Perhaps he or she mentioned a new job, wedding, or another special event? Let your customers know that you actually listen by noting the event and sending a congratulatory card. Everyone loves to receive handwritten mail, and an unexpected note can truly make someone’s day! At the very least, you can send a birthday card with information from a buyer’s registration information.

3. Go the Extra Mile

Surprise your customers with an unexpected upgrade in shipping, a custom sample included with their order, or another way to include a little bonus. Your customers will love the fact that you spent a few extra moments to thank them for their patronage!

4. Create a Custom Experience

No one wants to feel like just another person passing through your business. Create a custom experience for your audience through personalized offers based on previous orders, a customizable home page, or personal emails to follow up on purchases. Whichever method you choose, your customers will appreciate the additional service and thought.

5. Show Your Customers You Care

At times, your customers will reach out to you in unexpected or inconvenient ways (perhaps through an email or social media account not intended to be used for customer service purposes). Don’t pass your customers off; instead, train your employees to provide at least basic customer service and a warm hand off to the appropriate person or department. Your customers will love not being forced to repeat information to someone new!

6. Don’t Use One-Size-Fits-All Messaging

As an international seller, it can be time-consuming to tailor your message for each culture or country, but it’s well worth the effort. It’s rare for messaging to be relevant across all audiences, and you run the risk of alienating portions of your customer base if you forgo specific messaging. Take the time to research every demographic you intend to address: your customers will feel more at home if your messaging matches their interests.

7. Localize Your Global Business

Along with changing how you communicate according to cultural preferences, make sure to localize what and how you’re selling. Perform local competitive research, optimize locally, translate your web copy, and take advantage of international social media platforms. You’ll meet your customers on their own terms through the localization process, thereby creating a sense of trust and familiarity other brands might not offer. Do you make your customers feel awesome? Share your tips in the comments section below!