April 8, 2014

Access 2Checkout’s Free E-Book, “The Guide to E-Commerce Fraud”

Posted by Sean Edgar Category IconInternational Category IconTechnology

Is there anything more discouraging than establishing an online business only to see bad actors, fraudulent parties, and hackers attack your site and your customers? Unfortunately, this problem is only growing in scale and complexity: fraud resulted in a loss of $3.5 billion dollars last year alone. So how does an e-commerce business protect itself on every level to ensure a safe and carefree digital environment, for both its customers and revenues?

In The Guide to E-Commerce Fraud: Steps to Protect You and Your Customers from Digital Deceit and Theft, 2Checkout delivers actionable, up-to-date steps any online business can use to prevent digital invasions. Whether you’re worried about value extraction, friendly fraud, malware, or any other scam, this guide will help you keep all of these dangers and more as far away from your servers as possible.

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