January 16, 2014

Access 2Checkout’s New E-Book, “The Guide to Chinese Social Media”

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China has its own set of social media, here are some tips when marketing toward China's social media

Welcome to China. Internet penetration stands at 42%, 91% of that population visits social media sites, and the country hosts 75,000,000 more online shoppers than the United States. Any online merchant interested in expanding globally probably already knows the fantastic opportunities that await in the Land of Rivers and Mountains.

The Guide to Chinese Social Media: Secrets to attracting the largest pool of online buyers in the world presents a platform-by-platform overview of the country’s unique sites and how online businesses can take advantage of each one to smartly position themselves for maximum exposure. From micro-blogging to video hosting and instant messaging, author Andrea Duchon provides direct and actionable solutions to engaging techno-savvy Chinese shoppers.

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