March 10, 2014

Access 2Checkout’s New E-Book, “Tips for International Shipping”

Posted by Sean Edgar Category IconShipping & Logistics

You’ve developed a mesmerizing marketing campaign, maintained a world-wide social presence, and hosted a site that can translate any language and localize to any culture. Great, right? What’s left for an online business to do to maximize conversions on a global scale? A lot: primarily, transporting your wares to the hundreds of eager markets that thrive thousands of miles away (without breaking the bank or the law).

In Tips for International Shipping: A step-by-step introduction to improve your logistics and retain your customers, 2Checkout provides the essential rules and best practices to reach as many overseas customers as possible. Whether you’re curious about the cheapest way to handle returns (hint: you don’t have the parcel returned) or the difference between UPS Express Critical and USPS Global Express Guaranteed, download this comprehensive guide.

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