January 15, 2010

Back Office Admin API

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If you remember my last post in 2009, you may recall a little tease at the end saying that we had some big plans for this year. Well, I’m happy to post that our first announcement this year is the release of our back office API to help you manage your sales. Ever wanted to mark an item as “shipped”, refund an order, or cancel a recurring billing without logging into the Vendor Area? Now you have the tools to do so.

I want to thank all the people who gave us their suggestions and tested our Beta API Project. The support and testing is much appreciated. I also want to thank the development team for making this a reality.

Official announcement below…Columbus, Ohio – 2Checkout.com (2CO), a leading payments solutions provider, has added an application programming interface (API) to its robust ecommerce system for online retailers to immediately integrate.

2CO’s back office admin API is a publicly accessible set of routines designed to allow existing clients, as well as third parties interested in developing 2CO compatible cart solutions, the ability to access account, product and online sales information without the additional step of logging in to 2Checkout’s administrative area.

According to 2Checkout’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Daly, “The back office admin API provides an added value for the online retailers utilizing our e-commerce service by enabling them to remotely interact and gather both reconciliation and product level information from their account, without manually logging in to 2CO’s admin area to gather data and manually export it back to their system. This innovation provides a new layer of flexibility for developers interested in creating unique admin systems or utilizing outsourced designs to manage product and settling data daily generated by their 2Checkout activity.”

A primary advantage offered by the back office admin API is the flexibility it provides online retailers and third party cart developers interested in integrating seamless and fully customizable cart solutions into their websites while continuing to benefit from 2Checkout’s suite of built-in services including fraud protection, PCI data storage, multiple payment methods, and 24-hour customer care. Daly added, “Accessing product and sales data through a preferred means on your own system and alleviating the necessity to login to 2CO’s interface multiple times per day greatly adds to our system’s flexibility. And considering our cart volume, providing third party developers the opportunity to easily integrate 2Checkout into popular open-source shopping cart packages makes sense for everyone involved.”

Currently, any active 2Checkout retailer can request access to the API. For more information visit our documentation.

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