June 29, 2010

Boosting the Bottom Line in Real-Time

Posted by 2Checkout

The Internet is a fast-paced environment with people potentially communicating all day and all night about your industry, your competition, and hopefully about you. In this hyper-connected word we are now living in, being able to quickly respond to customers and potential customers ranks up there in importance with having a good product/service, a good reputation, and a clear marketing strategy.

Gathering real-time information about your industry, your competition and your business is the topic of a very informative article on E-commerce Times.

“Real-time intelligence data can be accessed immediately so marketers can focus on information about trends, news, events, products, contacts, fans — and when they’re interested in you, qualified prospects.”

The article continues to list three ways business people can leverage the potentially vast amounts of information available.

“Following are three ways business marketers can use real-time intelligence to align with sales, maximize online efforts and impact your company’s bottom line:

  1. Identify and Leverage Industry Trends: Real-time intelligence reveals trends, and it allows marketers to create or build content and messaging associated with those trends. By staying up-to-date on industry news and trends, marketers can increase site traffic Planning for the next peak season? Ensure your website is fast, secure and available 24/7. Click here to learn how. and brand awareness, strengthening the “attention” phase of the purchase cycle.
  2. Convert Visitors into Leads:Customers are looking for you — no matter what your industry — to be a thought leader. Just sharing what you see on the Web that’s interesting can be enough. Working in real-time, you can tune your outreach and see what’s working.
  3. Close the Deal:Knowing when to call a lead can make the difference between success and failure. Real-time intelligence tells you when a lead is ready to move from decision to action. If you consider a certain page on your website as an indicator for a lead’s readiness to buy, you can set internal alerts to notify marketing and sales when a specific lead hits that page.

Marketing will always be a merger of art and science, but technology and real-time intelligence provide the ability to tune your message and contact the right person at the right time. A concise and targeted message and a timely call to action can make all the difference in the world during the purchase or action stage of the sales cycle. “