January 15, 2015

Case Study: The Upstanding Desk

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UpStanding Desk

Sam Carmichael and Mikey Chen initially aimed to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter for the UpStanding Desk, a flat-pack desk that sits on top of an existing desk or table to transform it into a standing desk. In less than thirty days, the desk attracted more than $105,000, soaring past its goal by 10X and demonstrating strong interest in the product and the healthier lifestyle it enables.Once the crowd-funding campaign validated market demand for the product, the next step was to transition from a Kickstarter project to an established business that could grow and scale. The UpStanding Desk decided to continue selling their products using online store builder Shopify.They also began selling a Back it // Hack it Plan Pack, which enables anyone to download a pack of files for $50, bring it to a local fabricator, and get the parts for the desk cut. This approach also enabled The UpStanding Desk to sell their product around the world from early o without worrying about the logistics of shopping. Thanks to the plan pack, the company quickly received dozens of requests for the Plan Pack from abroad, from people in London Bangkok, India, South Africa, and more. However, they realized that they didn’t have the payment infrastructure to support a diverse international customer base. At first, Shopify supported limited countries and payment options, so The UpStanding Desk was happy to see Shopify had partnered with 2Checkout to expand the number of countries it serviced.

“2Checkout let us expand into every country on Earth if we wanted”, Carmichael said. It gave us the flexibility to offer our product abroad in a wide range of markets, with a wide range of payment options within those markets.

The UpStanding Desk was also looking for a payment platform that allowed them to create a branded online payments experience, and 2Checkout has a range of customization features for creating more professional and seamless checkouts. Additionally, The UpStanding Desk needed a payment provider that was easy to implement, as well as cost-effective. They found that 2Checkout easily plugged into their back-end as an API and offered affordable rates, as well as a robust developer documentation to smooth the integration process and a developer sandbox for testing and verifying integration.

“We wanted to make it easy for a customer to cancel an order or get a refund, and the back-end of 2Checkout’s database is extremely robust”, Carmichael said. “We did a lot of research into the tools available to us from pre-launch to post-launch, and 2Checkout offered all the best practices we wanted to see. Their platform enables us to focus on meeting demand for the desk, which has been huge.”

Customer service was another one of The UpStanding Desk’s priorities. For a young company, a few unhappy customers or a security breach can make or break their future. They needed advanced payment tools that accommodated cancellations and refunds, as well as strong security features to protect against fraud. 2Checkout meets the highest level of PCI Compliance and offers a three-tier defense strategy to identify fraudulent activity, minimizing the risk of fraud for The UpStanding Desk’s operations.

Across the board, 2Checkout smoothed The UpStanding Desk’s transformation from a great idea into a sophisticated ecommerce business with international reach and excellent customer service. The platform scales with the companies that use it and ensures that payments are never an obstacle to growth.