December 28, 2012

Dynamic Checkout December Updates

Posted by Tyler Ransburgh

We rolled out a set of updates for Dynamic Checkout based on feedback from our users. None of these changes will affect your current integration with 2Checkout.

  • Fixed the return method when there is one product-level return URL. The customer is returned to the product-level URL and not a Thank You page
  • New purchase_step parameter. This parameter allows you to skip to the step on Dynamic Checkout that you would like your customers to land on
  • The existing skip_landing parameter was fixed to skip the first step on Dynamic Checkout and the customer will land on the second step
  • Fixed a bug where shipping cost was being included in the calculation of shipping surcharges
  • New mobile version of the shipping estimator
  • Updated currency symbol for Swiss Franc, Danish Krone, Norwegian Krone, South African Rand, Indian Rupee, Turkish Lira, and Philippine Peso
  • Fixes to a couple of coupon bugs
  • Update to the way shipping address is sent to PayPal
  • Minor style fixes
  • Minor translation updates

If you have any questions please contact our integrations team at