May 12, 2014

E-Commerce Vacation: The Top 4 Global Hotspots for Domination

Posted by Janna Leyde

Considering that e-commerce is the business of shopping online, and shopping online can take place anywhere with an online connection, a few geographies have recently popped into the spotlight with big innovations and promising futures.  Whether these locales support more startups, provide greater access to a global network, or simply house residents who like to buy online, a few areas have showed that e-commerce isn’t relegated to a few major metropolises. With this in mind, here is a list of the top 4 international e-commerce hot spots of 2014. These four cities are less about numbers and more about big ideas, small operations, and the power of connecting to the right infrastructure.

Silicon Valley

Where the support network is unreal. This booming region, just a few miles south of San Francisco, was built on tech start-ups. Today it remains rife with technological innovations and enjoys a steady influx of green entrepreneurs and their budding companies, even if the locals are getting a tad wary. Not only is there enough financial support for these online endeavors, but, in Silicon Valley, there is more often than not success, according to this article in Scientific American.

Tel Aviv

Where you can find the most start-ups per capita — after Silicon Valley, of course. However, it’s not the number of start-ups alone that give “Silicon Wadi” (nice one) its nickname, but the city’s success also stems from the Israeli mentality. “They’ve got a nothing-to-lose, never-say-die attitude,” says Gareth Jones of shop direct, who was out in Tel Aviv last week to speed-date with the city’s top tech companies. “The guys out here are determined to see through these technologies. They take a completely different approach to failure.”


Where US companies set up shop overseas. London flexes a tech network similar to that of Silicon Valley — plus a crop of some of the most innovative retailers (the British) and an audience filled with the early adopters (also the British). London Town is home to extreme innovators such as DeepMind (one of Google’s new partnerships) and Audi City (one of the first all-virtual showrooms), and lest we forget e-tail giant Tesco.


Where it’s a bigger digital buyer population than all other leading e-commerce markets. China may lead the world in digital sales; however, only 19 percent of China’s population makes purchases online. On the other hand in Germany — with a population of over 80 million — 61 percent of Germans make purchases through digital channels, according to PSF Web. In addition, Berlin comes with an extremely task-oriented high work ethic, which has produced e-commerce gems such as SoundCloud and Amen.

Still curious about what countries top the e-commerce charts? Check out this chart via eMarketer