August 29, 2016 names 2Checkout top PayPal alternative for international payments

Posted by 2Checkout Category Icon2Checkout names 2Checkout top PayPal alternative for international payments recently reviewed 11 alternatives to PayPal, reporting, “The reason PayPal is still so popular is because people are so used to it. However…you can actually find more reliable solutions for doing business in different parts of the world. You may end up saving a significant amount of money and be happier with the company you choose.”

So which PayPal alternative should you choose? “If you want to complete transactions in any country, consider 2Checkout,” advises, citing 8 Pros and only 3 Cons. (None of the other ten earned more than six Pros.) “2Checkout is one of our favorite PayPal alternatives, mainly because it’s all about accepting payments globally. It doesn’t matter where you’re located, so you shouldn’t have any problems.” is an unbiased review site that “shows the good, great, bad, and ugly of online store building software.”

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