April 15, 2014

Global Pricing Strategies: Market Value Pricing

Posted by Xan Bonneau Category IconConversions & UX Category IconMarketing

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How to price a product or service is one of the most important decisions an e-commerce company will make. Whichever strategy is chosen will shape profit, branding, and operations at the deepest foundation of a company’s success. In this video, 2Checkout producer Xan Bonneau explores Market Value Pricing. In addition to explaining which types of companies can use this model to maximize revenue, this presentation also shows how to use market value pricing on an international scale to attract the most buyers through localization tactics. For example, learn that…

  • Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking buyers prefer their prices to end in the number “8”
  • The color of a price is important in Japanese markets
  • The number of digits in a price might detract a buyer in North America, no matter the value

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