May 1, 2014

Global Pricing Strategies: Value-Based Pricing

Posted by Xan Bonneau Category IconConversions & UX Category IconMarketing

Access 2Checkout’s free e-book, Pricing for a Global Market, to learn about the best pricing models for online businesses. Value-based pricing doesn’t work for everyone, but when it does, the return on investment can be massive. This unique approach doesn’t value a product or service on how much it costs to make, but on how much a customer is willing to pay for it. This is the realm of art, fashion, and entertainment, where emotional attachment and branding play a vital role in every conversion. In this video, discover whether value-based pricing is right for you. Learn…

  • What is value-based pricing?
  • What products and services work the best when sold under this model?
  • How do movie theaters and airports use value-based pricing to their advantage?

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