April 19, 2014

How to Protect Yourself from E-Commerce Fraud — Credit Card Fraud

Posted by Xan Bonneau

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Though it can be financially devastating, credit card fraud is one of the most simple forms of fraud for a criminal to execute. Whether falsely claiming that a product never arrived or was deficient, a fraudster can force an e-commerce company to undergo an expensive chargeback that could ultimately result in massive penalties from credit card companies. But there are simple steps an online business can take to avoid these unfortunate scenarios and save thousands — or millions — of dollars…In this exclusive video from producer Xan Bonneau, learn how…

  • Friendly fraud can be negated by keeping detailed records and requiring delivery receipts
  • Listing your company’s contact information clearly can save you from multiple chargebacks
  • A triangulation scheme turns a buyer into a victim as much as the merchant

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