March 19, 2014

International Day of Happiness 2014: 3 E-Commerce Campaigns That Put a Smile On Our Face

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Get Happy on a Global Scale

Gross National Happiness trumps Gross National Product in the small country of Bhutan. It’s been that way since the early 1970s for this small South Asian nation. In 2012, the rest of the world got on board with Bhutan’s philosophy: “Social, economic, and environmental well-being are indivisible,” stated Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. “Together they define gross global happiness.” In an effort to acknowledgethat the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal, leaders declared March 20th International Day of Happiness.For International Day of Happiness 2014, The United Nations is partnering with pop star Pharrell Williams, his big hat, and his global hitHappyto spread the good vibes in a big way. On the UN’sDay of Happiness website, people are encouraged to find, capture, and share their visions of happiness (#happinessday). Meanwhile, Mr. Williams is hosting a video contest on his website dedicated to the cause. On24 Hours of Happiness, fans can upload YouTube videos “demonstrating their happiness” to the tune of his hit track (#happyday). Winners (one video per time zone) will be announced on this year’s International Day of Happiness. Both endeavors have given us quite a few reason to get happy. Go go #hashtag wild. Post selfies, songs, tweets, photos and videos with the singers and the world leaders and the many businesses that are out there doing their part to do good. Ultimately, the day celebrates humanitarian work all over the world.

Here at 2Checkout, we’re celebrating #happinessday by giving a shout out to these three companies for rocking humanitarian efforts on a daily basis, making every day a #happyday throughout all e-commerce.

BUY Square’s (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition Reader

Bono and Bobby Shriver’s Project (RED) first made waves in 2006 with brands like Gap Inc. and Motorola, who contributed profits from specific (RED)-branded products. Today, (RED), the global fund to fight AIDS, is affiliated with over dozens of companies andFeatu(RED) Products. We like how Square embraces (RED) through e-commerce. Every swipe on the special edition SQUA(RED) can make a difference: for each (RED) reader ordered, 97 percent of all profits go straight to the Global Fund to fight AIDs, and every time a business accepts credit cards with the SQUA(RED), card owners will receive an offer tagged onto their email receipt to to donate.Buying (or switching to) a SQUA(RED) ispretty darn simple.

SHOP TOMS Marketplace

Welcome to theMarketplace, “a new destination for making a difference.” This website, featuring hundreds of products from nearly 50 companies, is the go-to for those looking to shop consciously. Search by brand in the A-to-Z directory of companies doing their part to give back. Search by cause, from animals to education to job creation. Or search by region to narrow down products by continent and country. TOMS, the parent company, promises that featured e-railers — from small start-ups to the big guys — all share one common element: “They’re working to make a difference to use business to improve people’s lives.”Want to suggest a brand — your brand?TOMS is taking suggestions.

DOWNLOAD Johnson & Johnson’s Donate a Photo App

Who isn’t sharing photos these days? That’s what Johnson & Johnson was thinking when the company createdDonate a Photo. One simple photo share and Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to a charitable cause through this app. The company has partnered up with organizations such, Girl Up, and Keep America Beautiful. It hostsa plethora of $1 campaignsin action to fix up public parks, vaccinate children, and give communities across the world access to clean water. Re-post your Intsagram — lazy cats, sunsets, selfies, smiling gorillas, flowers, animals doing yoga — and Johnson & Johnson will make sure each snap is serving the greater good.Want more do-gooder apps? We also likethis listfrom our friends at