February 24, 2014

Introducing the 2Checkout Payment API BETA

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It’s a universal truth, business never stands still, and when it comes to online business, it can be a perpetual sprint. The rules of e-commerce change constantly, driven by breakneck technology development and evolving customer demands. With this mind, 2Checkout is proud to announce its newest platform, the Payment API BETA. This versatile interface empowers merchants to wield complete control over their customers’ user experience, shaping every pixel of the checkout process to their specification.The third offering in our suite of checkout solutions, Payment API BETA packs even more features and options:

  • The ultimate freedom to design and shape the checkout experience to your exact specifications
  • Pass 1-time charges or use recurring charges for subscriptions or ongoing services and products
  • Complete and free PCI compliance support
  • Reduces PCI Compliance by directing sensitive cardholder data directly to 2Checkout
Product Manager Joel Zimmerman announces the new Payment API BETA
Product Manager Joel Zimmerman announces the new Payment API BETA

The Payment API BETA allows merchants to collect online payments without having to wrestle with the red tape and countless certifications necessary to directly process credit card payments with banks and card networks worldwide. Our JavaScript library utilizes public-key cryptography and JSONP to safely extract the customer’s card details from your payment form, returning a non-reversible single use token. The token can then be safely passed to your server to process the transaction with a call to the Payment API. In other words, we handle the serious back-end stuff and make sure that you benefit from your sales in the most quick, precise, and reliable way possible.All of our community supported language libraries have been updated to provide a simple binding to the server side API call. You can easily integrate the Payment API with your existing checkout process by referencing the documentation and examples provided on our website.

As we’re currently in BETA, you can expect the Checkout API to continually gain more features and support, with big enhancements arriving in the next few months. This is just the starting line to a marathon. Many of 2Checkout’s biggest merchants have already signed up; if you would like to join the Payment API BETA, apply today. For more technical information visit our support and documentation library.