April 26, 2010

New 2Checkout Purchase Page Design

Posted by 2Checkout

Back in February, we told you how conversion rates rose 4%, thanks to A/B testing.

After three waves of testing, we have seen a steady increase in completed sales. As of the most recent test results, our conversion rate has increased another 1%, to over 5% in total. These increasing conversion rates have resulted in millions of dollars of additional sales for online businesses using 2Checkout.

Earlier this week, we rolled out new purchase pages that implement the improvements developed from these waves of testing. We think you will enjoy our new cleaner easier to use purchase pages.

2CO's New Purchase Page Design

You can see more of these new purchase pages, without charging your credit card, at our demonstration store ACMEOnlineBooks.com.

Testing and development of the purchase page will continue, as we adjust and adapt to an ever-changing world e-commerce marketplace.