January 22, 2010

Setting Yourself Apart

Posted by 2Checkout Category IconMarketing

Having a quality product, quick shipping, an attractive website, and an effective marketing strategy are some of the ingredients to a successful online business. Having these will get you attention and sales, but will it create the trust that converts to customer loyalty?

Customer Service is where trust is built and loyalty created. How promptly do you answer customer questions? How quickly do you respond to refund requests? Do you actively try to resolve customer issues in conjunction with 2Checkout’s Customer Care?

The answers to these questions can set you apart from the rest of your competition. Below are two examples of 2Checkout suppliers who have a very loyal customer base and few disputed charges.

What sets both of these accounts apart is their customer service. Refund requests are often handled before the order even has a chance to bill. They handle all their issues and inquiries in a timely fashion, issue credits when warranted, and respond to 2CO inquiries quickly. Bottom line is they are prompt, courteous, and professional.