April 27, 2010

Simple Ways to Increase Conversion Rate.

Posted by 2Checkout

Getting potential customers to visit your site is just the beginning. What do you do once you have someone’s attention? Is your site doing all it can to convert visitors into buyers? Karon Thackston recently wrote an article that talked about how your copy can be used to drive sales, but what about your sites look? Below is a small list of some very easy design tips that can potentially help you make more money online.

  • Make sure your price is clear – Customers don’t want to guess how much they are going to pay.
  • Put the “Buy Now” close to the product price – Entice your customers with your copy and price, don’t make them search how to pay you.
  • Make the “Buy Now” button easy to find – This should go without saying, but I have skipped sites because I couldn’t find out how to buy something.
  • Photos of your products – A clear photo will draw people’s attention to what you are selling.
  • Make a bulleted list of the features – Just like this one!

The above are just a few very simple adjustments that can help your site generate more customers, more sales, and more return customers. Another related site design element to keep in mind is how your site looks in different browsers. While Internet Explorer has the majority share in web browser usage, there is a sizable minority of people who are using Firefox, Chrome, etc. It is important to test your site design in as many browsers as you can to make sure that the look and functionality of your site translates across browser platforms.

While nothing can guarantee increased sales on an e-commerce site, having a well developed professional looking site increases your chances of letting your products shine. With good copy and good photography your products and services are clearly presented. With simple site navigation and easy to find purchase links your potential customers can quickly move from “willing to buy” to “waiting for delivery”.

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