July 27, 2010

The Case for Launching Sub-Niche Websites

Posted by Tyler Ransburgh

Last week I talked about serving a niche market. Michael Stearns has an article about the same thing where he goes into more detail on narrowing your niche. In “The Case for Launching Sub-Niche Websites” Mr. Stearns discusses the reasons to focus on smaller aspects of an established niche marketing website.

One strategy to grow your ecommerce revenue is to spin-off a subset of your product line onto its own website. With this “sub-niche” website, you can focus your branding, ads, and presentation to the customer who is looking for what you have to offer.

The article talks about using an existing successful site and focusing on smaller or more narrowly focused sub-niche. I think this information can be equally useful for a first-time seller who wants to market to the specific needs of an under-served community or who has a more narrowly focused expertise

A successful sub-niche website depends on identifying a particular product line from your main site that (a) has high enough search volume to drive significant traffic, and (b) is substantive enough that you can build an entire website around it. Products from a certain manufacturers, or products for a particular purpose, are excellent candidates. For example, if you have a costume website, 1970s-vintage costumes could be a sub-niche worth focusing on. Or if you sell pond supplies, you might want to make your name as the go-to site for a particular manufacturer of pond pumps and related accessories. Taking your main product line and targeting it at specific geographical areas is another strategy that could make sense in certain cases.

The Case for launching Sub-Niche Websites