December 24, 2013

The Great 2Checkout Holiday Photo Hunt Contest!

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OH NO! A rambunctious group of famous holiday kings, witches, monsters, elves, and gnomes crashed the 2Checkout 2013 Holiday Party! The nice ones left us presents while the mean ones drank all of our beverages, ate all of our food, and abducted various employees. And not one of these creatures said what his or her name was!

We’re in a pickle: we’d love to send thank you notes to all of the kind souls, but we also need to bill all of the nasty monsters who drank our egg nog (though a few did mention that they would set up a 2Checkout account to pay us, though we think that was a big lie) and stole our favorite coworkers. Luckily, all of these party crashers photobombed our pictures and told us a little bit about themselves, so we have a list of clues. Can you help us!?

How to play the 2Checkout Holiday Photo Hunt

Find the international holiday characters in our pictures and read the description. Once you guess who all of the characters are, send a list numbered #1 - 8 with each folklore legend to The first contestant who gets all of the answers right will receive a special package of goodies. Have fun Photo Hunting!

1. “You are inconceivably naughty, Frank! Very, very naughty! I’m going to stick you in my bag with all of the other naughty children and whisk you away to my cave…or a river. I haven’t decided which!” this nasty, hairy beast belted out as he approached the dining room.

“I’m not naughty—I just won employee of the year! And I’m also, like, 28. You wouldn’t have room for any more children if you loaded me in your sack.”

“Dang. You get the employee of the year parking spot? That’s the jam. I don’t care! I shake my chains at you and hit you with my birch stick…and I put you in the sack! I really just need help with Salesforce—it would be a great way to manage leads for misbehaving children.” And then the hairy monster scooped Frank up and sprinted away into the frosty night.

Help us get Frank back! Who is this vile, hairy, chain-rattling Germanic monster?

2. “What is the deal with that goat,” Dodie asked. “She is so awesome it’s not even funny. That’s not a white elephant. That’s like a white…Tyrannosaurus Rex!” But before Dodie could grasp the straw doll, the goat ran away, baaa’ing that it had to help Father Christmas deliver gifts to all of the children, and possibly get some wassailing out of the way before the orchards run out. “Man…I really wanted that goat,” Dodie lamented. “I’ll chase after it!” Michael responded.

Help Michael find the goat! What’s it called AND what’s one of the countries where it can be found?

3. “Ciao, bambini! I have a lotta goodies for you kids!” this old women yelled as she went from table to table, dropping off bags of candy and Italian cookies like pizzelle. “If anyone needs a couch to crash on tonight, I’m the best hostess around. I once helped three wise men out when they couldn’t find a Holiday Inn. And my omelets…to die for!” After the party, the old woman helped clean up, sweeping every inch of the floor.

Who is this kindly old woman, who snuck into a pic with our inside sales team!?

4. “Have you two been naughty or nice this year?” an elderly, bearded gentleman asked Tom and Cary. “I haven’t been this torn since the Council of Nicea!” The gentleman went to every table trying to stuff gifts in everyone’s socks before he threw purses all around the dance hall. Then he suddenly shouted, “I must be off! My flight to Turkey leaves in a half hour!”

We didn’t even get to say thank you! Who is this genteel fellow?

5. “Awwww, yis! There is a party in this yonder chamber, and I am your minstrel of the hour! May I kindly get a what, what?” this tiny gnome shouted as he hopped on the turntables to DJ a rousing set of chants and Swedish folk tunes. The 3-foot tall imp asked for a bowl of porridge to keep up his energy and took frequent breaks to check on his pet pig outside. Afterward, he helped wash all the dishes. Before sneaking out, he asked if anyone had seen his goat. Dodie and Michael said nothing, and the big hairy monster from the first photo ran at them with his birch stick and a wide grin.

We want to borrow some of this guy’s records! Who is this charming gnome?

6. “Oh, come on! You call that bright? I led Santa through the great blizzard of 1939. I didn’t need lighter fluid. This is NOTHING,” a lithe reindeer said as Reginald Santiago, 2Checkout’s esteemed fire-swallower, lowered three blazing skewers into his throat. The reindeer asked for a glass of egg nog and said he was creating his own league of reindeer games and that we should all join, even if we had to travel to the North Pole. All of a sudden, the animal’s nose glowed a bright red and he flew through a window.

We totally want to join this levitating deer in his games, but we don’t even know who he is. Do you?

Image courtesy

Image courtesy

7. “I’m so hungry, I think I’m going to supersize from children to Nick. Coders taste amazing—they’re always caffeinated, too!” this giantess snarled as she approached the photo area. Her rags were covered in thick, black cat hair and she continually complained about the temperature, saying she would catch cold if she didn’t make it back to her lava fields in Iceland. What a mean, comically-big monster!

We can’t finish our new PCI updates until we get back Nick! Who is this mean giantess?

8. “I’ve been hanging out in a mountain with a bunch of knights for way too long!” this regal Duke proclaimed. The politician then spent a good three hours giving advice on how to be virtuous and awesome when it came to managing Medieval estates and confused merchants. He left in a rush, saying that he had to give alms on the Feast of Stephen.

We want to hire this guy as a consultant. Who is he?

Thanks for playing, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS from 2Checkout!