December 3, 2013

The Life of a Transaction: How Credit Card Processing Works, Part 1

Posted by Sean Edgar Category IconNews & Trends

The latest addition to 2Checkout’s E-Commerce Resources​ library tackles a seemingly simple question with an incredibly complex reality: how does a payment travel from a buyer to a seller? In The Life of a Transaction: How Credit Card Processing Works—Part 1, The Evolution of the Payment System, former Discover Financial Services executive and credit card industry expert Tom Kossler walks the reader through the origins of credit and how it helped to shape the foundation of modern banking and finance. This white paper provides an easy-to-read analysis of the corporate players and technological powerhouses that emerged to create a new way for consumers to pay for goods and services without cash, creating a new infrastructure in the process. Access your copy today to gain expert insight on one of the most important fiscal innovations of all time and how it shapes your business on every level.