November 25, 2013

The Pros of Facebook Advertising

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Facebook has become an important channel for businesses to market and advertise their products and services. #Advertising
Facebook has become an important channel for businesses to market and advertise their products and services. #Advertising

There are over one billion people on Facebook, so it’s not exactly a hard sell to incorporate the ubiquitous platform into your marketing strategy. In 2012, $4.28 billion was spent on Facebook ad campaigns (advertisements), evidence that even traditional B2B companies are beginning to see the advertising potential of the most widely used social network. Among the picture streams of puppies and babies and random status updates dwells $500 billion worth of paid messaging. Facebook keeps advertising simple. Ad design is as easy as 1-2-3: headline + thumbnail image + copy. Now, the question remains — is advertising on Facebook as effective as it aims to be for e-commerce companies? This week 2Checkout delivers the Pros. Check back shortly to see why Mark Zuckerberg’s goldmine might not be the best choice for your company to announce itself to new buyers. These are the reasons it is.

The Fastest Way to Grow

Facebook users spend 50 percent more time on Facebook than on Google, checking their newsfeeds, posting status updates, and sharing their favorite links. As a result of this dynamic, a business that uses a Facebook ad essentially buys a one-click deal to reaching beyond its targeted audience. Once a Facebook user likes a company’s page by way of its ad, this fun fact shows up in the newsfeed of that user. In turn, friends of that user will now see the company’s ad and have the option to Like its page. In the Facebook world, friends tend to take the recommendations and the likes of their friends semi-seriously. Forrester Research reports that all consumers are 50 percent more likely to be influenced by their peers than traditional advertising. What better way is there to let your brand advocates announce your company to their personal circles?

A Super-Targeted Audience

The beauty of Facebook Ad Manager is that it allows users to reach segmented demographics through separate ad campaigns. Either create a standard ad campaign (headline + image + copy) to sell a Steeler dog leash, and push it to everyone out there. Or create five separate ad campaigns, and push each one to a super-targeted market— one geared toward Steeler fans, another that appeals to dog lovers, a third targeting people who live in Pittsburgh, a fourth that will show up on the pages of men and women ages 22-38, and a fifth that highlights the leash as a holiday gift. Studies show that the more segmented the advertising demographic, the better the click-through rate (CTR). 2Checkout suggests testing one campaign out against the other. Get creative.

External Landing Pages

At first glance, it may seem that Facebook ad campaigns are focused primarily on increasing the traffic and the number of Likes on fan pages and business pages. Not true. One of the easiest ways to share a business’ home page (or a page for a particular product or service) is to build an ad campaign that links to an external landing page. Want to link to the retail home of that Steeler dog leash? It’s as simple as creating a headline and copy: “All dogs go Black ‘n Gold. One click and you can get your pup the right gear for game day!” Then choose an image (or maybe six—the option is there), and paste in the external link of choice. Bonus: Facebook will link this ad campaign to both the external link and affiliate it with the business page on Facebook.