December 22, 2008

The Verification Process

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New accounts and accounts that have a drastic increase in sales will go through the Verifications process, to have some of the orders verified by our team. Typically, we verify orders through voice contact with the customer or end user. This is due to the prevalence of fraud. Typically this process is transparent.

Verifications allows us to assure customer satisfaction; resulting in fewer refunds and bank assisted disputes (charge backs), and allows us to confirm the legitimacy of new accounts. Making certain that we deal with only reputable accounts minimizes risk and allows us to keep our fees minimal.

While we make every effort to make contact and verify receipt of the product/service, difficulties can arise. If we cannot verify the orders in a timely manner, this can result in a delay of the initial weekly payment (every Thursday). If we are not able to send the payment, we will contact you by e-mail with an explanation.

Important Note: Suppliers selling tangible goods should not expect payment until 2CheckOut can confirm receipt of goods shipped, and they were received as per the terms advertised on the supplier’s website. Delaying shipment until you receive funds is NOT considered an acceptable business practice.

Suppliers selling intangible goods, such as service related products (e-downloads, hosting, etc.), should not expect payment until 2CheckOut can confirm that your services have been rendered.

Suppliers who establish a new account within five (5) days of a payment cycle release date will not receive a disbursement of funds until the next payment period ends (approximately one (1) week).