May 6, 2014

Twitter and Amazon Bridge Social Media & E-Commerce With #AmazonCart

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Amazon meet Twitter. Twitter, Amazon. Now go ahead and have a genius e-commerce love child. #AmazonCart is the newest, easiest, and fastest way to shop on the web. See an Amazon product on Twitter that might strike your fancy? Reply to said tweet with the hashtag #AmazonCart. Viola. The next time you visit Amazon, that very item will be sitting in your cart. And we thought #TwitterCommerce was innovative.

So how does this work exactly? Yes, obviously #AmazonCart is a hashtag, and it will appear no differently on timelines and in tweets than its trending hashtag peers like #love, #becauseitsthecup, #CincoDeMayo or #yolo. But #AmazonCart is so much more than just a hashtag. This particular hashtag links Twitter (the ruler of real-time social media) with Amazon (the biggest Western online marketplace) to create what might be the speediest, slickest way to shop online to date.

Here’s how to welcome #AmazonCart into your online experience:

Step #1: Get Connected

First, get connected by linking your Amazon account to your Twitter account. Click on the “Authorize app” button here, and log into your Amazon account. Once your Amazon account is linked to your Twitter account, Amazon will know exactly what cart to drop your desired items into.

Connect your twitter account to Amazon.

Step #2: Shop

Now it’s time to shop: if you’re on Twitter and see a link to a product sold on Amazon that you might want to purchase, you can now add it to your Amazon shopping cart in a few simple keystrokes. All you need do is tweet any reply to the tweet featuring the product with the hashtag #AmazonCart. For example:Check it! This sweet Michael Kors watch is going into my #AmazonCart. #AmazonCart is not a point of sale — it simply deposits an item in your Amazon shopping cart. In fact, you can always edit your Amazon Cart — full of tweeted items—on Amazon, just as you would do if you were shopping on the site proper.

Reply with #AmazonCart to any tweet containing an Amazon product link.

Step #3: Receive Reply from @MyAmazon

Next, wait to here back. @MyAmazon will send a reply tweet to share relevant information on the product requested (read: #AmazonCart-ed). Either a tweet will say that the item has been successfully been added to your cart or that the item is out of stock or — in some cases — offer more information on how to check out and purchase later. You’ll also receive an email from MyAmazon confirming that the requested product is in your cart.

A reply tweet from @MyAmazon indicate that the item is added your Amazon cart.
You will also receive an email saying an item has been added to your cart.

Step #4: Purchase

Lastly, choose to purchase: Amazon-connected followers can add as many items to an Amazon Cart as desired, but Twitter will never be the point of sale: shop on Twitter, buy on Amazon.

Last step is to purchase the item through Amazon.

Of Note:as most content is public on Twitter, this means that the selected contents of an Amazon shopping cart can be viewed by those Twitter accounts replied to or any Twitter followers that see the reply tweet.