January 26, 2015

Virtual Terminal: Accept Credit Card Payments for In-Person Phone, Fax, or Mail Orders

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At 2Checkout, our main goal is to enable our merchants to easily accept payments from around the globe. As part of our efforts to expand payment options, 2Checkout offers our merchants Virtual Terminal, a feature that allows 2Checkout accounts to physically accept credit cards without having to purchase swipe machines.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal is a web-based feature accessed within merchants’ 2Checkout accounts that accepts payments that must be keyed in either by the seller or by a buyer. The form resembles a normal, online payment form with fields for the merchant’s name, shipping/billing information and credit card information.

Merchants are able to access the Virtual Terminal function through their 2Checkout account.
Benefits of Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal allows merchants to expand the methods by which they can accept payments. Sellers using this new feature instantly gain the ability to accept payments via their 2Checkout account from any location with Internet access—meaning they can key in payments for phone, mail, and fax orders or take payments from customers in person at locations such as conferences or pop up shops. With Virtual Terminal, you can accept payments without having to purchase and maintain expensive credit card equipment. Any merchant whose business receives a large amount of orders by phone, mail, fax, or in person will find value in keeping all orders in one convenient payment processing location. Likewise, any merchant who does business in face to face settings (like freelancers or vendors for whom trade shows play an important role in sales) will experience the benefit of being able to accept orders immediately.

Get Virtual Terminal Now

To enable Virtual Terminal please contact our support team at sellersupport@2co.com.