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April 24, 2014

2Checkout Attracts $60 Million in Growth Capital

Posted by Sean Edgar Category Icon2Checkout

2Checkout receives $60 Million worth of funding.2Checkout receives $60 Million worth of funding

2Checkout began as a startup in founder Alan Homewood’s basement before expanding into a premier international payment service provider, with offices located in the United States, Ireland, and Hong Kong. Throughout the company’s trajectory, we’ve focused on partnering with the right companies...

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April 23, 2014

Q&A with 2Checkout’s New CEO, Shawn Budde

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Shawn BuddeShawn Budde

Today, 2Checkout is proud to announce Shawn Budde as its new CEO. Budde brings a wealth of expertise and management cultivated over 25 years in the finance and banking industries. Mr. Budde has held executive roles at Citibank and Capital One and is also the co-founder and President at ZestFinance, a VC-backed technology company that merges...

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April 9, 2014

A Few Words on the Heartbleed Bug

Posted by Sean Edgar Category Icon2Checkout Category IconTechnology

Yeah, we know: the recent Heartbleed fiasco is kind of a big deal, and the news avalanche that’s followed hasn’t quelled fears of stolen passwords and hacked financial data. For those who haven’t been following, Heartbleed is a coding bug that allows outside parties access to the memory of servers running OpenSSL. This bug...

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April 1, 2014

2Checkout Expands Payments Options for Klingon Merchants

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We are happy to announce 2Checkout is available to Kligon merchants from the Star Trek universeWe are happy to announce 2Checkout is available to Kligon merchants from the Star Trek universe

2Checkout is positively ecstatic to announce a new partnership with the United Federation of Planets that allows online retailers to accept Klingon currencies and provide...

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March 31, 2014

2Checkout Announces ‘Inline Checkout’

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At 2Checkout, we’re devoted to empowering merchants with a universal solution to accept online payments on a global scale, without sacrificing the unique user experience built into an online business. With our Inline Checkout, we redefine seamless with a platform that integrates directly into any e-commerce website, creating an uninterrupted checkout...

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March 10, 2014

2Checkout Offers Instant Underwriting for New U.S. Merchants

Posted by Sean Edgar Category Icon2Checkout

2Checkout has quicker underwriting process for new U.S. merchants2Checkout has quicker underwriting process for new U.S. merchants

We empathize with anyone who’s in a hurry. Especially online retailers who sell to a global audience. There’s just way too much to do: create a marketing campaign, role out your new product line, enhance your shipping...

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February 21, 2014

Introducing the 2Checkout Payment API BETA

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It’s a universal truth —  business never stands still, and when it comes to online business, it can be a perpetual sprint. The rules of e-commerce change constantly, driven by breakneck technology development and evolving customer demands. With this mind, 2Checkout is proud to announce its newest platform, the Payment API BETA.  This versatile interface...

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January 29, 2014

FoxyCart Partners with 2Checkout

Posted by Sean Edgar Category Icon2Checkout

2Checkout is not partnering with FoxyCart!

FoxyCart, a platform that helps developers create flexible, powerful, custom e-commerce in marginal time, has joined with 2Checkout to offer global merchants a new dynamic tool to convert more customers in more markets. FoxyCart can easily be integrated into any site with basic HTML knowledge, and offers modest transaction-based fees that cover all...

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January 27, 2014

Introducing the 2Checkout E-Commerce Glossary: The Language of Online Business—“Acquiring Bank”

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In the 2Checkout Glossary, we review the fundamental terms and players who help define the landscape of online business today in simple and easy terms. Today, we’re taking a look at Acquiring Bank. Come back to the 2Checkout Blog, your guide to global e-commerce.

Acquiring Bankac - quir - ing bank

noun  A bank or financial institution that authorizes a debit or credit card transaction for a cardholder.

How an Acquiring...

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January 21, 2014

An Open Letter to WePay Customers: Feel the Hosted Checkout Love

Posted by Sean Edgar Category Icon2Checkout

Our distinguished competition at WePay recently announced the decision to completely retire their hosted checkout option, effective March 12th. While we understand the value of different payment interfaces, we’re still incredibly fond of the hosted checkout. And why wouldn’t we be? For thousands of new e-commerce companies, hosted checkouts offer an intuitive and agile way to jump into business without the hassle of formatting pages of...

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