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June 17, 2014

E-Commerce & Dropshipping: 3 Steps to Success

Posted by Janeesa Hollingshead Category IconInternational Category IconShipping & Logistics

For their past shipping needs, e-tailers went through significant barriers to enter the marketplace. Not only did they need to set up a website, payment solution, and marketing plan (among hundreds of other tasks), but they also had to invest a significant amount of capital in purchasing and storing inventory. The costs and burden associated with acquiring and...

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May 5, 2014

Global Shipping 101

Posted by Faith Albert Category IconShipping & Logistics
Global Shipping 101, learn the first step to getting your products overseas with little hassle.

Nobody can deny the massive role shipping plays in online retail. Receiving a package from your front porch is the adult version of opening presents on Christmas. However, the process of getting the package into the right hands isn’t always simple. In fact, some entrepreneurs find...

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March 10, 2014

Access 2Checkout’s New E-Book, “Tips for International Shipping”

Posted by Sean Edgar Category IconShipping & Logistics

You’ve developed a mesmerizing marketing campaign, maintained a world-wide social presence, and hosted a site that can translate any language and localize to any culture. Great, right? What’s left for an online business to do to maximize conversions on a global scale? A lot: primarily, transporting your wares to the hundreds of eager markets that thrive thousands of miles away (without breaking the bank or the law).

In Tips for...

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December 30, 2013

The Great 2013 Shipping Fail: Storms & Procrastination Kept Deliveries at Bay

Posted by Faith Albert Category IconNews & Trends Category IconShipping & Logistics

Promises. Around the holiday season we find ourselves making many and hoping to fulfill (at least) a few. “Sure I will finish that project before Christmas Eve.” “We will be on time to the party.” And the ever popular, “I will keep my New Year’s Resolution.” All of these utterances are followed with an encouraging, “I promise.” We will live to...

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December 16, 2013

Breaking It Down: 5 E-Commerce Metrics Besides Profit

Posted by Faith Albert Category IconShipping & Logistics
Other than profit, businesses should put equal focus on these five e-commerce metrics. #Metrics

Yes, profit is important. Very, very important. But it’s not the only number you should keep your eye on as you evaluate the success of your e-commerce company. Taking a holistic, wide view of how your company operates is the best way to gauge your strengths and weaknesses...

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November 21, 2013

Last Minute Prep Tips for Cyber Monday

Posted by Faith Albert Category IconConversions & UX Category IconNews & Trends Category IconShipping & Logistics

Carrie Bradshaw, the iconic fashionista from the hit HBO series Sex and the City, was supposed to be the savviest shopper. She had style and grace, but she couldn’t so much as conduct a simple Google search when the show ended in 2004. Fast forward to the movie that debuted in 2008 and Carrie learned to master the web and became Carrie 2.0. She would never miss an online sale again. Her...

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