April 23, 2014

Q&A with 2Checkout’s New CEO, Shawn Budde

Posted by Sean Edgar Category Icon2Checkout


Today, 2Checkout is proud to announce Shawn Budde as its new CEO. Budde brings a wealth of expertise and management cultivated over 25 years in the finance and banking industries. Mr. Budde has held executive roles at Citibank and Capital One and is also the co-founder and President at ZestFinance, a VC-backed technology company that merges big data with...

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April 22, 2014

Alibaba: The Biggest E-Commerce IPO in History

Posted by Janna Leyde Category IconInternational Category IconNews & Trends

Single’s Day — aka November 11th — was last year’s most successful day in the history of online sales. Not Black Friday. Not Cyber Monday. Single’s Day.  This Chinese holiday exclusively celebrates bachelor/bachelorettehood, and last year’s iteration featured many, many people shopping on Alibaba.com to buy many many gifts. So many gifts, that Single’s Day 2013...

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April 19, 2014

How to Protect Yourself from E-Commerce Fraud — Credit Card Fraud

Posted by Xan Bonneau

Access 2Checkout’s free e-book, The Guide to E-Commerce Fraud, for the best strategies to identify and prevent online fraud.

Though it can be financially devastating, credit card fraud is one of the most simple forms of fraud for a criminal to execute. Whether falsely...

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April 18, 2014

5 Steps to Prepare Your Website for the Brazilian Market

Posted by Frannie Jackson Category IconInternational

Between hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, Brazil has transformed into an international epicenter of sports with all of the commerce and publicity that comes with it. These events have only helped boost the country’s staggering market potential; it’s e-commerce alone is predicted to become the world’s fourth largest online sales market within...

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April 17, 2014

The First Steps to Global Expansion: Research & Localize

Posted by Faith Albert Category IconConversions & UX Category IconInternational


Let’s prepare for war. Okay, okay, that might be a tad dramatic, but recon is a key tool when trying to dominate global sales. Additionally, knowing your product is pivotal to your success.

I know what your’e thinking: I know my product better than anyone. But do you know about your product in the global sense? Do you know the answers to the questions that...

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