2Checkout Documentation

Getting started

Integrating with 2Checkout is easy. We provide several methods of integration to best fit your needs and support 7 different server side languages. Follow the steps below to begin your integration.

1. Create sandbox account

Sign up for a free Sandbox Account to test and verify your integration. Our sandbox allows you to test any one of our 3 checkout experiences (API, Inline, Standard). You can also test INS calls and create test transactions to make sure everything is communicating correctly.

*Available currencies can vary by region and other factors. Learn more here.

*Not all currencies are available in Sandbox and will default to USD.

2. Learn how to integrate

Use our documentation to learn how you can integrate your site with our service. Test our INS (Instant Notification System), the Admin API, Shopping Cart Integration, and any one of our checkout experience offerings. Select from one of the programming languages listed below to view all specific documentation.

  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Node.js
You can view the .NET library setup instructions on Github.

3. Choose your integration method

You can integrate with any of our 3 checkout experience offerings. Choose from one of our simple hosted solutions (Inline and Standard), or for more advanced users, integrate with our Payment API.