2Checkout Documentation

Detail Contact Info

The detail_contact_info call is used to retrieve your account’s contact information details from the Contact Info page.


HTTP Method: GET

Input Parameters

No input parameters required.

Data Returned

Parameter Description
vendor_id Merchant ID (2Checkout Account Number) of user.
mailing_address_id Internal ID assigned to your company’s mailing address.
mailing_address_1 Mailing Address line 1
mailing_address_2 Mailing Address line 2
mailing_city Mailing Address City
mailing_state Mailing Address State
mailing_postal_code Mailing Address Postal Code
mailing_country_code Mailing Address Country Code
physical_address_id Internal Id assigned to your company’s physical address.
physical_address_1 Physical Address line 1
physical_address_2 Physical Address line 2
physical_city Physical Address City
physical_state Physical Address State
physical_postal_code Physical Address Postal Code
physical_country_code Physical Address Country Code
office_phone Office Phone Number
office_phone_ext Business Office Phone Number Extension
office_email Business Office Email Address
customer_service_phone Customer Service Phone Number
customer_service_phone_ext Customer Service Phone Number Extension
customer_service_email Customer Service Email Address

Example API call using cURL

curl -G \
    -H 'Accept: application/json' -u 'username:password'

Example Successful Response

       "response_code" : "OK",
       "response_message" : "contact info retrieved",
       "vendor_contact_info" : {
          "2co_account_level_id" : "3",
          "customer_service_email" : "",
          "customer_service_phone" : "555-555-5555",
          "customer_service_phone_ext" : "null",
          "mailing_address_1" : "​855 Grandview Avenue",
          "mailing_address_2" : "Suite 11",
          "mailing_address_id" : "2436561523",
          "mailing_city" : "Columbus",
          "mailing_country_code" : "USA",
          "mailing_postal_code" : "43215",
          "mailing_state" : "OH",
          "office_email" : "",
          "office_phone" : "555-555-5555",
          "office_phone_ext" : null,
          "physical_address_1" : "​855 Grandview Avenue",
          "physical_address_2" : "Suite 11",
          "physical_address_id" : "2436561526",
          "physical_city" : "Columbus",
          "physical_country_code" : "USA",
          "physical_postal_code" : "43215",
          "physical_state" : "OH",
          "vendor_id" : "123456"