2Checkout Documentation

Mark Shipped

The mark_shipped call is used to attempt to mark an order as shipped and will attempt to reauthorize sale if specified in call. This call will send the SHIP_STATUS_CHANGED INS message.



Input Parameters

Parameter Description
sale_id The order number/sale ID to mark shipped. Optional when invoice_id is present.
invoice_id ID of the invoice to add tracking information to. Required on sales with more than one invoice.
tracking_number The tracking number issued by the shipper. Required.
cc_customer Specify whether the customer should be automatically notified. Use “1” for true. Defaults to false. Optional.
reauthorize Reauthorize payment if payment authorization has expired. Defaults to false. Optional.
comment Any text except for “<” and “>” up to 255 chars in length. Optional.

Data Returned

Parameter Description
response_code Tells the user whether or not the operation was successful.
response_message Tells the user why the operation was or was not successful.

Example API Call


$args = array(
    'sale_id' => 4750124492,
    'tracking_number' => 'qwerty0987654321'

try {
    $result = Twocheckout_Sale::ship($args);
} catch (Twocheckout_Error $e) {
Twocheckout::API.credentials = {
  :username => 'APIuser1817037',
  :password => 'APIpass1817037'

  sale = Twocheckout::Sale.find(:sale_id => 4786293822)
  result = sale.ship({:tracking_number => "123"})
rescue Exception => e
  puts e.message
var tco = new Twocheckout({
    apiUser: "APIuser1817037",
    apiPass: "APIpass1817037"

args = {
    sale_id: "4774380224",
    tracking_number: "test"

tco.sales.ship(args, function (error, data) {
    if (error) {
    } else {
    'username': APIuser1817037',
    'password': 'APIpass1817037'

params = {
    'sale_id': 4774467596,
    'tracking_number': 'test123456'

    sale = twocheckout.Sale.find(params)
    result = sale.ship(params)
except TwocheckoutError as error:
    print error.message
TwoCheckoutConfig.ApiUsername = "APIuser1817037";
TwoCheckoutConfig.ApiPassword = "APIpass1817037";

    var ArgsObject = new SaleShipServiceOptions();
    ArgsObject.sale_id = 4774467596;

    var result = ServiceObject.Ship(ArgsObject);
catch (TwoCheckoutException e)
TwoCheckoutConfig.ApiUsername = "APIuser1817037";
TwoCheckoutConfig.ApiPassword = "APIpass1817037";

try {
    Sale sale = TwocheckoutSale.retrieve("4831096515");
    HashMap params = new HashMap();
    params.put("tracking_number", "test");

    TwocheckoutResponse result = sale.ship(params);
} catch (TwocheckoutException e) {
    String message = e.toString();
curl -X POST \
    -H 'Accept: application/json' -u 'username:password' \
    -d 'tracking_number=123' -d 'cc_customer=1' -d 'sale_id=1234567890'

Example Successful Response

       "response_code" : "OK",
       "response_message" : "Sale marked shipped."

Common Error Codes

Code Description
PARAMETER_MISSING Required parameter missing:
PARAMETER_INVALID Invalid value for parameter:
RECORD_NOT_FOUND Unable to find record.
FORBIDDEN Access denied to sale.

Method Specific Error Codes

Code Description
NOTHING_TO_DO Item not shippable.
TOO_LATE Payment is already pending or deposited and cannot be reauthorized.
TOO_SOON Please wait until the next day before trying to reauthorize again.
FAILED Failed to reauthorize payment.
INTERNAL_ERROR Failed to marked shipped but reauthorization succeeded.
INTERNAL_ERROR Failed to marked shipped.