2Checkout Documentation

Demo Setting

Demo mode is enabled on a per transaction basis, using the demo parameter, or it can be turned on or off from within your account. The Account Demo Setting located on the Site Management page allows you to select one of three options to control demo mode.

Demo Account Setting

  • On - Using this setting all sales will be treated as demo, regardless of any parameter value.

  • Off - Using this setting all sales will be treated as live, regardless of any parameter value.

  • Parameter - Using this setting a demo parameter sent to the purchase routine will control the demo setting.

Placing Demo Sales

Demo sales allow you to see the purchase process as a buyer would. No card will be billed during a demo purchase, but you must fill in all fields as you would for a live purchase. The only visual difference you should see is a note along the top of the checkout page that reads “This is a demo sale. Your card will not be charged”. Confirmation emails will also be sent for demo mode as they would for a live sale so that you can see the entire process. Confirmation emails for demo sales will indicate that they were demo sales as well, but will look the same as a live confirmation email otherwise. To put your account in demo mode and make a test purchase you can select On for your Account Demo Settings option. If you choose the Parameter setting you would need to pass in parameter named demo with a value of and uppercase “Y”. Demo mode will be enabled for every sale that includes this parameter and value. You do not need to pass in “N” to disable demo mode as it is disabled by default. You should either pass this in for a demo sale, or do not pass it in at all. If you are using buttons on your site to sell your goods through 2Checkout, you would add a single line to the form such as this:

<input type="hidden" name="demo"value="Y">

This must go between the opening and closing FORM tag that you see when you view your existing code. If you are using links to sell your goods through 2Checkout, then you would enable demo mode by adding this parameter to your links, such as this:


If you are using a third party shopping cart, it should have an option within its setup pages or configuration options to enable this for you. If so, please use the method the cart provides for you.

Please Note: The value of the demo parameter MUST be an uppercase ‘Y’.  Don’t forget to remove this parameter when you have concluded testing and wish to make your sales live again. When using the Demo feature for testing purposes, please be certain to clear the cookies in your browser between tests to ensure the new account settings have been applied.