2Checkout Documentation

Fraud Review

Every order processed through 2Checkout will complete a fraud review within 24 hours. The order can be passed, failed, or placed on wait for further investigation. You are notified of every order’s fraud review status through email. If set-up, the notifications may also be sent through our Instant Notification Service. The fraud status of each sale will be listed in your account and can be accessed by clicking the Sales tab followed by the Fraud Review sub-category.

Checking Fraud Status

The Review Fraud Status page will list the fraud status information for all your account sales. The provided information includes the order review date, time, sale number, and fraud review decision. If the order is passed funds will be collected from the buyer and deposited into your pending payment. If the order is failed the sale will be canceled and no funds are collected. A pending decision means the order has not yet completed the fraud review, while a hold status means the order is being further reviewed before a final decision of pass or fail is made. A comment is listed for every order and can provide more information on its fraud status.

Please Note: While intangible sales will automatically deposit if passed, a tangible sale passed in using our Plug and Play parameter set will need to be marked as shipped before funds are collected. For more information on marking orders as shipped please visit the Marking Orders as Shipped section of our documentation.