2Checkout Documentation

Payment Request

The request payment feature is provided for you to submit custom invoices to buyer’s by email. The custom invoice email includes a purchase link that when clicked will transfer the buyer to our purchase routine for checkout. The amount listed for the order is specified by you during invoice creation. To send a payment request click on the Sales tab followed by the Request Invoice sub-category.

Creating a Payment Request

The Request For Payment page will appear requiring invoice specifications be provided.

You will first be requested for an Invoice Number. This can be any alphanumeric combination and will display on the email invoice sent to the buyer.

You are then provided the option to enter a relevant web site URL.  This option is provided to assist the buyer in order recognition.

Next you will need to select a product from the drop-down menu provided. This will only display the non-recurring products created on your account. The invoice price is not associated to the price entered for the product, but is solely set by the amount entered in the Payment Amount field during invoice creation.

The Payor (recipient’s) Name and Email are required fields. The Subject of Email reflects as the email title within the buyer’s in-box thus we suggest this be clear and recognizable for the buyer.

A preferred language can be selected from the provided drop-down menu. The invoice and purchase routine will both display in the language selected.

If desired you may add custom comments that will display in the body of the email. This may include custom order instructions or an itemized list of all product options or fees included in the total price.

Click Submit Request to continue with the invoice creation. A confirmation page will display a preview of your invoice and provide a Send button to submit the invoice to your buyer.

Please Note: The 2Checkout admin will not keep track of sent invoices. You will receive a copy of all invoices sent. For tracking purposes you may wish to store and retain these copies.